Talented Acoustician Wanted 9 August 2017

August 2017

Acoustician Wanted  London

Our mission is to bring people together through effective communication –  of arts, emotion and information.   We have an international track record of high quality performance and gathering spaces for music, opera, theatre and education, with work in commercial and institutional sectors as well.

With increasing workload we are looking for a bright, enthusiastic acoustics consultant with a solid grounding and interest in architectural acoustics and who wishes to make a difference in this world with acoustics, audio, music.   We are considering candidates with 3+ years’ experience in building acoustics.  Your position will be full time, and salary will be commensurate with experience.

You should have:

Master’s degree or better in acoustics.

Experience starting and completing building projects

Passion for making buildings work for people.

Formal drawing training and/or CAD skills would be helpful, but more important would be the ability and confidence to sketch your ideas and to quickly gain basic proficiency in Sketchup, Autocad, Rhino, Revit and related software.

Collaborative nature, and evidence to show for it.

Experience of music or theatre performance or production at a professional or serious amateur level.

Experience in construction or architecture a plus.

Experience in audio system design a plus.

Fluency in English.  Plus a second language or considerable expertise in software development.

Communication skills – a good listener as well as a good speaker and writer.

Good references from clients and design collaborators.

Most of all, you must have a good ear.  You must be able to discuss what you hear.  You must be able to describe how the sound you hear is determined by the space.


Your work will include design and analysis of room acoustics, sound isolation and M&E noise control, working under the direction of senior staff, and contributing to holistic design of gathering spaces.  You may develop new measurement protocols for spatial sound and software to advance role of aural/visual perception in designing for the built environment.

Our office location is in southwest London, and you will be based there.  Travel nationally and internationally on projects ranging from a day to a week.

Send CV in confidence to Bob Essert at: bob.essert[at]soundspacevision.com

Sound Space Vision

2 Tay House, 23 Enterprise Way

London SW18 1FZ

T: +44 (0)208 877 5868